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Healing Action Dream List

Healing from the long-term trauma is a life long process. The victims and survivors of sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation we serve come up against many barriers, including lack of safe housing, poverty, food insecurity, transportation difficulties and lack of access to medical and behavioral health care. Our goal is to address these needs through our hard work and support of our community. 

Land - We have developed programs for long term supportive housing and residential, however in order to start either program, we need donated land in the St. Louis region. 

Transportation - Healing Action not only provides groups, therapy and case management, we also help our members engage in the St. Louis community by completing service projects and through our Making New Memories program, where they get to experience different aspects of the city to reduce isolation. Transportation to these group activities can and has been a barrier of access, so a donated van would increase the access our members have to the community.

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Amazon Wish List and In-Kind Donations

As we continue to rapidly grow we are in continuous need of office items, supplies for the women we serve, and items to create a place of healing. Check out our Amazon wishlist and In-Kind 'store'. 


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There's no better way to make an impact than to become an informed member of our community. 

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There is no better way to make an impact than to become an informed member of our community. Join with us now in creating a community where all can thrive! 

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