All individuals have the right to live a life free
from violence, exploitation, and victimization.
— Katie Rhoades, MSW Founding Director


United with our partners, we envision our communities free from exploitation. 


Healing Action is committed to combating commercial sexual exploitation through a multi-system approach of creating awareness by sharing our experience/strength/hope with others, advocacy with/on behalf of survivors for programs and services needed to empower them, and healing action to create spaces where all can thrive. 

We Believe

It is virtually impossible to recognize the difference between forced prostitution and voluntary prostitution. All individuals who want out deserve a hand, regardless of how they got there. 

Individuals who have been involved with the sex trade have their own experiences that are unique to them. And therefore, their journey out should be just as unique. 

Individuals who purchase sex fuel the market for commercial sexual exploitation.

We are one part of an interconnected network of people, institutions, and communities. 

The end to exploitation only happens when all members of our network work together to create spaces where all can thrive.