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St. Louis is ranked the 16th top city for sex trafficking in the United States.

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Our Programs Change Lives

Peer Support

Peer Support is the giving and receiving of support between people with a common experience. Services are person-centered with a focus on recovery, rebuilding and relationship. A Certified Missouri Peer Specialist serves in the role of a mentor, working directly with members, guiding them toward achievement of specific goals that have been defined by each member. The Peer Specialist willingly shares experiences of strength from her own recovery story as appropriate to provide encouragement to the member wherever they are at in their process. The members participate in support groups consisting of peers, weekly 1:1 coaching, art therapy and other recovery-based activities. Peer Specialists are an integral part of each member's recovery as peer support is entwined in everything that is done at Healing Action.

Holistic Safety

Holistic Safety involves mutual empathy and empowerment methods to reduce trauma and substance use symptoms and increase safe coping in relationships, thinking, behavior, and emotions. We access methodologies in the worlds of arts, exercise, meditation, experiential learning, and informal education. Our therapeutic services center on connecting the body and mind to empower women to recover through the intensive work of healing from trauma and, at the same time, provide lifelong tools and options that are healthy and constructive. Holistic Safety includes specific Peer Support Services, Service Management, Psychoeducation groups, and Trauma Therapy. Healing Action provides components of Holistic Safety to our partner agencies Eden's Glory and The Covering House.

Project Halo (Healing Action Life Opportunities)

In partnership with St. Louis City Department of Corrections, Medium Security Institution (MSI), Healing Action facilitates a 6 week, 12 session rotating curriculum that focuses on gaining knowledge of alternatives after "the life," re-framing their understanding of trauma, increase awareness of patterns of relational disconnection and connection, and facilitating continued connection with Healing Action after release for ongoing support.


In December 2016, Healing Action started its long term supportive housing pilot program with a two bedroom apartment located in South St. Louis city that houses two of its members. Adult women that have at least 1 year sober, that are active in a 12 step recovery program, and participate in the services provided by Healing Action, can live in a safe and stable environment while they continue to journey through their recovery, working towards self-identified goals, including employment, education and independence.


Healing Action strives to provide all victims and survivors of commercial sexual exploitation with the opportunity to receive quality physical and mental health services from providers that are trauma informed and trained in both the warning signs as well as the resources available in the community.
In an effort to create this reality, Healing Action is partnering with local hospitals and medical centers to provide presentations and specifically tailored trainings to health care professions throughout St. Louis city and county.


Throughout 2017, in partnership with the St. Louis Police Department Human Trafficking Unit, Healing Action is providing 30 experiential based trainings to the St. Louis Metro Police Department in its entirety. Healing Action also continues to maintain a working relationship with the St. Louis County Police Department Trafficking Unit by providing consultation, referrals, and survivor advocacy throughout the survivor's interaction with the criminal justice system.

The Positive Impact of Our Members

After being in our services and some time spent healing, the women we serve are ready and express interest in preparing for their future through employment and educational opportunities. Healing Action has started a Survivor Leadership program to provide women we serve with these opportunities, through a safe and therapeutic environment. Since November 2016, members have worked 451.75 hours. Survivor Leaders have completed the Certified Missouri Peer Specialist program, attended financial literacy classes, completed community outreach with community organizations twice a week, interacting with approximately 40 individuals each time, assisted with scheduling presentations with community organizations and businesses and collected over $3000 of in-kind donations for our annual fundraisers. Other members have gone on to obtain jobs in the community, and have applied and been accepted to colleges in St. Louis


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