Experiencing exploitation forever alters the way you view yourself and our world. Healing takes time. However with consistent support and encouragement there can always be an "after".  

Peer Support Program

If you or someone you know has experienced exploitation, there is help! 

Healing from commercial sexual exploitation is a life-long process that continues even after formalized healing methods are complete. Healing Action's Peer Program provides individual, group, and community interactions, with continuous relational support to survivors as they continue their journey. Based on their own evolving needs, our members have the flexibility in their own journeys of healing by participating, mastering new subjects that they are interested in, developing new leadership skills, mentoring other women, and getting involved in the anti exploitation movement or an arena in which they are passionate. 

If you are interested in talking to a survivor leader or learning more about our program, please  contact our Peer Support Coordinator for more information. 

 Jennifer Hardy, CMPS

(877) 757 - 2337 x 705