Coalition Against Trafficking and Exploitation





Cate is a collaborative effort of agencies and individuals building a community movement to prevent and respond to human trafficking and exploitation through advocacy, public policy, education and direct Outreach strategies.



A United front of anti-trafficking and exploitation organizations to ensure evidence – based service delivery to survivors and standardized education and awareness to the St. Louis Metropolitan Area.



In 2005, the St. Louis Rescue and Restore Coalition was created by local organizations working against human trafficking and was led by the International Institute of St. Louis (IISTL).  This was the first coalition to fight trafficking in the St. Louis area and its main goal was to provide a space for professionals to collaborate on efforts regarding awareness, training, and victim service provision.  These efforts continued unfunded until 2011 when IISTL received a federal grant from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).  This grant focused on capacity building and gave IISTL the opportunity to work with other organizations to create Rescue and Restore Coalitions in other a parts of the state.  At this time the leadership of the St. Louis R&R Coalition was moved to Catholic Charities Southside until 2014, when Coalition leadership returned to IISTL due to restriction in funding. The 2014 grant also had stipulations to focus more direct outreach efforts on foreign-born victims therefore leading the Coalition to focus more on labor trafficking.

Due to these changes, the portion of the Coalition that served primarily victims of domestic sex trafficking supported the creation of the Coalition Against Trafficking and Exploitation (CATE) under the leadership of the Crime Victim Advocacy Center (CVAC).  At this time, CATE’s focus was education, awareness, and community outreach focusing on issues of domestic sex trafficking.  In 2018, due to a loss of funding for the coalition coordinator position, Healing Action stepped in to resume responsibilities of the Coalition with the help of leading coalition members.


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